Product development


The world of pumps is in constant evolution. Industry operators require ever increasingly reliable, advanced and easy-to-use products. They look for products with a perfect balance of energy efficiency and functionality, in which the need for maintenance is reduced to a minimum and ease of operations is increased to the maximum.
This is why they choose Taco Comfort Solutions.

1. The idea: a winning answer

Taco Comfort Solutions researches the needs of end users as well as the requirements of installers and formulates the best solutions. Our team of experts develops simple and innovative products that always exceed initial expectations.

2. The feasibility study and the prototyping

Taco Comfort Solutions’s technical office takes care of turning the idea into a project design, studying effective and intuitive technical solutions. The office creates prototypes, tests the technical aspects of the product, verifies the results and makes any necessary adjustments.

3. Under the magnifying glass

Our electro-mechanical laboratory puts the functionality of prototypes to the test. All our circulators must pass the validation tests with full marks: hydraulic and electrical tests, life-cycle tests, EMC tests and noise tests.

4. The definitive project design

Once the prototype has met all the necessary requirements, the project design stage begins. The technical office works hand in hand with the certification office, examining the functions and performance of the product, the viability of moulds and equipment, manufacturability, potential future developments and the standards and regulations applicable. Each aspect is studied in minute detail, with the collaboration of all departments in the company in order to guarantee the best possible result.

5. The creation of moulds and lines

This is where investment is required in equipment and machinery in order to make the moulds. Taco Comfort Solutions’s long experience in automation allows for a high degree of flexibility and the ability to make changes and add customised features to the product even well into the production process.

6. The thumbs-up

Once the moulds and the equipment have been completed, the product is type-tested by the relevant laboratories to ensure compliance with the functions requested and reliable performance over time, allowing it to obtain national and international certifications. And then it’s off to the production line.

7. Product and packaging

As the first products come out of the moulds, Quality Control steps in to provide suppliers with instructions, as well as to check components as they enter the system and the production process; these procedures include simulating the use of the product on the part of the end user. At the same time, the Purchasing department ensures the supply of all the materials required so that production is always ready to respond to the requests of the market. Meanwhile, the Marketing office develops the packaging and the specific communication strategy for the product. Once appropriately packaged, it’s then ready for the market.

8. All over the world

Our sales team presents the product to specialised retailers and groups and collects orders. The products are then distributed to specialised retailers or to installers directly.

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