The high efficiency of Taco Comfort Solutions circulators
Quick and easy installation

Compact design, fast electrical connection and safe fasten, intuitive interface ensures reliability and comfort during installation and operation.

Automatic Rotor Unlocking Program

Taco Comfort Solutions circulators have no screws to release the rotor shaft. Each circulator has a release routine that starts automatically if necessary.

Automatic Air Detection

Taco Comfort Solutions circulators are equipped with a special software system that detects when there is excess air in the system and alerts you when a venting routine is required.


Taco Comfort Solutions are variable speed circulators characterized by a higher energy efficiency. Up to 85% less electricity compared with old traditional circulators with equivalent performance.


The entire range of Taco Comfort Solutions circulators are powered by high performance synchronous permanent magnet motors. These innovative motors make it possible to achieve high efficiency, with considerably lower running costs compared to conventional asynchronous motors (used in three speed circulators).


Designed with innovative technology which reduce power consumption and optimize system performance, thus preventing unnecessary waste and reducing the quantity of harmful emissions released into the atmosphere.


INVERTER TECH technology allows the circulator to change rotating speed. the microcontroller built in the electronic control system contains a fully automatic speed control system able to adapt to the changing needs of the system. the circulator delivers the performance you need with minimum energy consumption.

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