The topic of efficiency and environmental sustainability applied to buildings is one of the main priorities of current international and European policy. European Directives and legislation in the individual countries in the Union now require a new approach to construction that must now take account of the “environmental sustainability” of each building component. Both the shell and installations must adhere to precise specifications and must co-exist evermore closely in order to achieve the required levels of performance. The components of a building’s installation systems are normally divided into two categories:
• Mechanical system HVAC: Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling.
• Electrical systems and Special systems: Power distribution, lighting, security & safety and communications.
In modern buildings, both types of installations require BMS automation and monitoring systems.

The contribution of the BMS to the building’s overall energy performance
A Building Management System (BMS) is a system for the integrated management of building installations, with building automation components and monitoring software. For example by connecting HVAC devices, such as sensors, controllers, pumps and fans to a BMS, it is possible to control the air conditioning of the entire building using special software.

Even easier thanks to the ALL-IN concept

As these systems develop further the need to be able to connect control systems that do not use common electrical standards, languages or communication protocols becomes ever increasingly important. It is therefore no longer just the quality and reliability of the instruments that is important but also the level of connectability they are able to offer. In order to ensure optimal connection to building automation systems based on current and future requirements, Taco flow solutions* offers the ALL-IN concept for MAXI models. These circulators have all the interfaces needed to dialogue with the most common communication technologies used in the building automation sector. This allows for perfect integration into existing systems. The circulators are also able to adapt when the building automation systems are updated and re-equipped, protecting your investment.

Whether your requirements are simple or complex, Taco flow solutions* has the right solution for you, saving money in initial purchase and start-up costs.

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