Operating mode


Taco ENERGY SAVING circulators are the perfect solution for any type of heating system in home, business, residential and industrial environments.



The innovative electronics of the circulator, developed in Taco Comfort Solutions laboratories, proportionally reduces the pressure level (head) according to the reduction of the heat requested by the system (reduced flow). Vice versa, the prevalence of the circulator will increase in proportion to the capacity of the system in order to compensate for high pressure losses in the distribution pipes. Thanks to this feature, the power consumption is even smaller. Taco ENERGY SAVING works well and silently. With the reduction in the head, it eliminates the possibility of annoying noise due to water flow into the pipes, valves and radiators. optimal heat and noise conditions.


  • Heating and air-conditioning systems with high pressure loss (e.g., very long distribution pipes, valves with a large range of operation, differential pressure regulators, and high pressure loss in parts of the system through the total water flow passes, or low temperature differential)
  • Two-pipe heating systems with thermostatic valves
  • In-floor heating systems and systems with thermostatic valves and high pressure loss
  • Primary circuits with high pressure loss


The circulator maintains a constant pressure level (head) upon the decreasing demand for heat from the system (reduced flow rate).


  • Heating and air-conditioning systems with low pressure loss (e.g., low pressure loss in those parts of the system through which total water flow passes, and central heating with a high temperature differential between the supply pipe and return pipe)
  • Two-pipe systems with thermostatic valves
  • Single-pipe systems with thermostatic valves and balancing valves
  • Radiant panel systems with thermostatic valves
  • Natural circulation systems
  • Primary circuits with low pressure loss


Taco ENERGY SAVING features fixed speed adjustable operating curves by positioning the regulator at any point between the min and max positions; as a result it is possible to meet any installation requirements and ensure optimum performance. Being able to gradually adjust the speed, it is possible to select the exact working point across the range.


  • This mode is especially suited to constant-load heating and air-conditioning systems.
  • The max curve operating mode may be used if the maximum capacity is required.
  • The min curve operating model may be used if the minimum capacity is required.



The activeADAPT mode enables the circulator ES2 Adapt to actively adapt its performance to the demands of the system during short control intervals inside a defined control area. if the system requirements suddenly change, the circulator will automatically find the perfect curve. • Improves the hydraulic balance of the system
• Ensures optimum performance during partial load periods
• Enables quick installation
Developed and patented by Taco Comfort Solutions, activeADAPT mode makes installation quick and easy.


  • This mode is recommended for most heating systems, especially systems with high pressure loss. See Mode P – Proportional pressure difference.
  • We also recommend this mode in cases of the replacement of old circulators, where the point of operation is unknown. The point of operation must be within the activeADAPT area of operation.


In ECO Mode the circulator ES MAXI consumes even less energy, resulting in greater overall energy savings. in ECO mode the circulator creates a quadratic type of adjustment curve. Compared to P mode (∆p-v), in ECO mode it is possible to reduce power absorption by an additional 20% without affecting comfort and reliability.


  • This mode is particularly suited to systems with relatively high pressure loss in the distribution pipes. See Mode P – Proportional pressure difference.

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