Modbus (ES MAXI)


ModBus is a serial communication protocol created to allow communication between the controllers that govern the operation of an automated system. The integration of electronic and electro-mechanical systems and the growing use of intelligent systems for managing processes in buildings and for HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) applications, require highly specific measures: • power distribution system monitoring
• real-time monitoring of all parameters
• instant fault identification
• power consumption and cost optimisation

De facto standard

The ModBus protocol has become a de facto standard in industrial communications systems, it is also currently one of the most common communications technologies used in electronic devices designed for monitoring and supervising buildings. ModBus technology also allows for communication between different types of devices connected to the same network, for example a system that measures air temperature or humidity values, water flow rate and temperature, and sends the results to a computer that collects the data. Each device connected to the network uses an address that univocally identifies it.

‘Robust’ and consolidated technology.

products without having to pay any royalties, which are required for most other communications technologies. Communication takes place via the common RS485 serial interface using the RTU protocol. All these characteristics have allowed it to become widespread.

Thanks to ModBus technology, MAXI version Taco ENERGY SAVING circulators reduce installation and maintenance costs and improve power distribution. Thanks to the ALL-IN concept, there is no need for any additional modules, all communications inputs are provided as standard.

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