Dual: operating with two pumps (ES MAXI)


Simply intelligent

The laborious process of designing dual pump systems is a thing of the past with MAXI version Taco ENERGY SAVING circulators, thanks to DUAL technology: Taco Comfort Solutions’s dual pump operation system.

Automatic pump switching

The pumps are equipped with a built-in timer that switches off the pump in operation after 24 hours of operation, and switches on the pump in stand-by. Before going into stand-by, the operating pump gives the command to start the pump in stand-by.

Redundant operation

In the event of a fault in the pump in operation, the pump in stand-by is switched on and takes over the operation of the faulty pump.

Both these functions are carried out automatically. The two pumps are connected by a screened data cable available for sale. Thanks to DUAL technology, MAXI version Taco ENERGY SAVING pumps offer reduced purchase and start-up costs.

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